7 Home Office Design Ideas to Create Your Ideal Workspace

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To avoid making your office look too busy, stick to one or two industrial elements and balance them out with other design elements like color or texture. Having a dedicated workspace at home has become more critical than ever. Our elegant home office storage solutions effortlessly combine functionality and practicality. We bring you a contemporary range of shelving, desks, sideboards and more, to ensure you have all the storage required to keep your office organised and clutter-free. Browse our home office storage range or get in touch with our customer team if you have any questions – we’d love to hear from you. If you have floor space to spare, free standing cabinets, sideboards, and chests of drawers can provide you with all the space you need to conceal items away.

Let’s not forget that plants also play a huge role in making this office space feel homely and healthy. Distributed across the lounge and working area, they help to create an organic atmosphere which promotes well-being. Carve out a spot in a period living room for work by zoning the space with a panel of color – in this case a stimulating blue. A bureau is a desk idea that suits an older property, with the added benefit that your work surface folds up to hide any reminders of work life after office hours. There’s a reason minimalism is favored by some of the world’s most successful people. A clutter-free space outfitted with simple furnishings and a neutral color palette has a way of freeing the mind and sparking creativity.

Go floor to ceiling with storage

Lighting.Specifically task lighting, ambient lighting and decorative lighting. An aesthetically pleasing desk lamp is essential, especially for those dark winter afternoons and late nights at the office where ambient lighting creates too many shadows to be effective for work. Ambient lighting such as ceiling lights and floor lamps should provide good overall brightness to help you stay focused and alert on tasks. And then finally decorative lighting – I personally love a candle or two when working, it helps me relax and stay calm.

Instead, consider setting up a dedicated area nearby so that you can jump straight back into it once family time is through. Home office decorating isn’t reserved for closed off rooms, even an alcove can be completely boxed out in different decor to make a stand alone study. These cabinets are all grey in contrast to the white room decor in which its situated. Even a thin threshold of flooring has been changed to grey tile to mark a definitive change of purpose, along with a sliver of wall detailed in grey.

For a contemporary home office, we recommend keeping things simple and clean. A white or black color scheme is perfect for creating a sleek and contemporary look. And it’s also very easy to change up if you get bored with the space. To add some visual interest, consider using different textures and materials. Brass or black metal accents or even stone or concrete can make a big impact. If you’re looking for an instant style maker, look no further than the Eames chair.

Jenna + Mariana, Interior Fox

With some thoughtful planning and design, any bedroom can be turned into a functional workspace. To go the extra mile and achieve that “cool factor,” you could use tiles, wallpaper, or paint to create a completely separate area. There are plenty of masculine storage solutions that will help you keep your home office organized and looking good.

Sitting Room built-in desk area with warm walnut top and taupe painted inset cabinets. Give your home office a contemporary feel with a black-and-white patterned wallpaper. Add chairs to both sides of a wider desk to allow multiple people to use the space at the same time. Get serious about your working space at home if you’re spending a lot of time there now.

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So long as you are allowed to focus on your work, everything else comes easy. Family members must treat it as though you are still going to an office. It can be easy to lose focus when others try to push home responsibilities in the middle of your work sessions. It’s different from working in the office, as you only have to deal with home responsibilities when you’re off from work. On the other hand, those who work at home have to deal with both simultaneously, not to mention the distractions.

Fragrance is an important part of my life and one which helps my mental wellbeing, helps me stay focused and relaxes me. I use natural essential oil aromatherapy candles to help boost my mood while working, something you could just never do in an open office. I select energising fragrances when I know my task requires concentration through to warmer woody and spicy fragrances when I’m working in the evenings. Connecting all our senses to nature, including smell is a much overlooked design technique and one which really boosts our general wellbeing. If you find it hard to focus when working outside the office, try painting the walls in a soothing, grounding matte black like this home workspace from Leclair Decor.

The Bedroom Office

If you’re able to designate your office area with a separate paint color, consider the color that would best suit your working environment. If an entire paint color change isn’t possible, focus on accents and decorative elements to play up the color you want to include. Consider splitting the space into two separate areas so you can go straight from a great workout to a great day at work. Consider adding blankets, ottomans, pillows, and warm lighting to the office area so it feels soft and welcoming.

It is also worth drawing up a list of many things you don’t have but need to complete your office setup, and then you can also take these into account when choosing your office storage. Whether your office is large or small, and whatever your preferred design tastes, innovative storage solutions can keep your space clutter-free while enhancing the overall aesthetic. Here, we explore some of the best ideas for home office storage to make the most of your space. Being smart about storage will ensure you can allocate a place for everything and keep your home office neat and tidy.

  • While it might not be ideal, a corner in your living room with a room divider could be the best solution for your current setup.
  • And it’s the perfect blank canvas for adding large-scale artwork to the room.
  • Here’s another example of an area rug being the defining feature of a home office, but this time with additional pops of color.
  • As for decor, pick pieces that match your style and add personal touches, such as family photos or mementos, to make it feel more like home.
  • One tall unit has a concealed storage space behind a door in the front and open shelving to the side that is accessible from the desk.

This will allow you to change the mood or adjust for different times of day and changes in the weather. This home office from Fantastic Frank is wedged into a corner of the irregularly shaped room, with a small glass and metal desk that allows light to pass through. Open shelving located well above the desk adds storage without making the workspace feel cramped. A playful transparent glass bubble pendant light that catches the light and adds another layer of lighting helps to define the space and add a lighthearted note.

But I believe working from home is a real opportunity to chart of accounts example our ideal work space. Working from home came as quite a shock initially to many people all over the globe. Those not used to working from home suddenly found themselves creating make shift works spaces at the dining or kitchen table, some on their sofa or even on their bed. Prior to lockdown I worked from home every Friday, using the desk already in my living room bay window.

While it’s understandable for some to think that might be the case, those who are used to working from home will likely say otherwise. Those who aren’t prepared to work from home could end up falling short due to the mix of home and work responsibilities. Have several forms of seating, whether a chaise or sofa for changing position while working, or a pair of lounge chairs for clients. Inspiration – Using Moodboards or Framed Quotes that are personal to you will keep you inspired and give your Creativity a boost. Comfortable seating for you – and if space permits, at least one guest.


If you have a view onto nature, try to orient your working space accordingly. If you don’t, you can always create your own, placing real greenery on your desk, a windowsill or wherever is at sight. As a freelance copywriter and blogger, I crave inspiration, so I surround myself with things that help. My home office is small but full of light, with a comfy supportive chair and large work spaces.

However, if it’s more extensive than that, consider consulting a contractor to discover the feasibility of converting that unused space into an actual room. For those of you who have an avid love of camping, you might have a trailer that sits at your house most of the time. You can have an electrician install an electrical outlet to keep it operational for not very much money.

Whether it’s a home office or simply a corner in your bedroom, make sure it reflects who you are and surround yourself with things that inspire you. Invest in notebooks, stationery and accessories that make you happy. There are few spaces where the “form follows function” design principle applies more than in a home office. No matter how large or small your office setup is, it has to be an area where you can comfortably work and be productive. A comfortable desk chair, especially if you spend a lot of time sitting down at work. Add easy-to-care-for house plants ~ It’s been scientifically proven that adding indoor plants to any workspace helps improve your sense of wellbeing and reduces stress levels.

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Whether your home office is in an alcove or a small room, these tiny home offices have big function. You can still browse our products during this maintenance, and items that you place in your cart before maintenance begins will still be there after we’re done. If your work involves referencing books/notebooks/paperwork, a file cabinet can work wonders to keep the workflow easy. Ground your space with a colorful area rug—for visual interest and soothing sound-absorption. Essentially, everything that goes into your office not only needs to have a sense of purpose but a sense of style as well. A daily dose of outstanding design pictures and tips in your inbox.

One of the easiest ways to add office space to your home is to set up a designated office area in your guest room or bedroom. Add a functional desk, beautiful seating, and a bit of storage to create a bedroom office space that suits your needs. Lighting is an integral part of any home office, as it can quickly and effortlessly alter the atmosphere and aesthetic of your workspace. Moreover, with a few simple changes to your lighting setup, you can create an eye-catching focal point that will have a major influence on the overall feel of your space. Hang a chandelier or pendant light in your home office space to add an element of sophistication.


No home office is complete without a desk that’s as striking as it is essential. When building a color palette to tie your home office into an existing space, consider a monochromatic color scheme for a blended look. Mix warm neutrals like beige, cream, and brown or go for a monochromatic collection of colors like maroon, plum, and burnt orange. If you love the moodiness of a muted color but you’re looking for more depth, try a dark shade to set the tone for your small home office. Charcoal, navy, and deep teal are dark colors that can act as neutrals in your home office color palette.

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