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Nursery Bags

Nursery Bags made from mixed HDPE with LDPE to increase extra toughness. Use for plant rubber plants, palm oil and general vegetables. Catering to the needs of the clients, we are engaged in offering bio degradable and non-biodegradable nursery plant bags. Our nursery bags comes with the gusseting options and water drainage holes at the bottom.


  • Reliable
  • Long life
  • Easy to maintain

Various Sizes:

  • 2.5”x6” x 0.15mm call (2.5”x6”)
  • 3”x7” x 0.15mm call (3”x7”)
  • 4”x8” x 0.15mm call (4”x8”)
  • 5”x10” x 0.15mm call (5”x10”)
  • 6”x12” x 0.15mm call (6”x12”)
  • 7”x14” x 0.15mm call (7”x14”)
  • 8”x16” x 0.15mm call (8”x16”)
  • 9”x18” x 0.20mm call (9”x18”)
  • 10”x20” x 0.20mm call (10”x20”)
  • 11”x22” x 0.20mm call (11”x22”)
  • 12”x24” x 0.20mm call (12”x24”)
  • 13”x25” x 0.20mm call (13”x25”)